Young designer woman with beautiful hands with idea sign and tablet


Hannah Diamond

I have a BA in English and I taught 9th-grade English at East Central High School for 10 years.  So, how did I end up in the marketing business?

My interest in all things internet-marketing began when I was hired at an online-only office supply retailer specializing in trendy and colorful items in 2013.  I was initially hired based on my writing and Photoshop skills to write the company blog and design banners for the website.  I soon had to teach myself new skills such as product photography, email marketing, SEO strategies, writing press releases, and web design.

I loved the creative aspects of my job.  We would get in new products and I would go off to the makeshift studio in our warehouse to set up different desk scenes to photograph.  I would then manipulate them in Photoshop to create banners, ads, Facebook posts, etc.

I wanted to aim for something bigger, so I soon created a holiday, Woman-Owned Business Day, which not only increased sales for our business, but also helped other woman-owned businesses learn how to market their companies.  I recruited more than 500 woman-owned businesses to participate in the event.

With the writing skills I learned in college, the multi-tasking skills I learned from teaching, and the marketing skills I learned  from my most recent jobs, I am now on my own.  I hope to use my talents to help other business grow.

I am passionate about making brands irresistible!